III. 3. The Cross of Gallantry with Palm has been awarded by the Government of the Republic of Vietnam for outstanding service during the period 1 October 1964 to 17 May 1969 to: The 5TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (AIRBORNE) and itís assigned and attached units.

The Citation reads as follows:

The 5TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (AIRBORNE) was activated in Vietnam on 1 October 1964, with the mission of providing direct logistical and operational support to Vietnamese Special Forces and to conduct the mission of unconventional warfare. Particularly, the emphasis was placed on the Civilian Irregular Defense Group. Since this activation, the personnel of the 5th Special Forces Group have performed as advisors in coordinating the deployment of Vietnamese Special Forces in A, B, and C Detachments throughout the four Corps Tactical Zones. Over 60 Vietnamese Special Forces Camps, located along the Vietnamese and Laotian borders, have been established with the mission of interdicting the infiltration of North Vietnamese Army Troops in territory of the Republic of Vietnam. Additionally, MOBILE STRIKE FORCES, and PROJECT DELTA have been deployed for parallel operation with the Vietnamese Special Forces. United States Army Special Forces Advisors were constantly present, faught side by side with their counterparts, Vietnamese Special Forces personnel, and greatly contributed to their glorious achievements. The Headquarters, 5TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP, located in Nha Trang, has enthusiastically advised the Vietnamese Special Forces High Command, and at the same time, directly handled the Logistics Support Program, and Plan of Operation at all locations containing United States Army Special Forces Personnel. Numerous combat deeds have been achieved by Vietnamese Special Forces through offensive operations, which engaged Communist Troops. These were the result of the direct participation of 5TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP Personnel. The devotion to duty and high morale of officer and men of the 5TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP in the accomplishment of their mission has effectively contributed to the fight for freedom in Vietnam.