The Moreau Bowl

SGT Eugene Moreau was KIA on 27 August 1966 while serving with Project Delta.  His two sons are seeking contact with anyone who knows the story of what some have called the Moreau Bowl that is dedicated to their Dad and the members of Project Delta. It is in a temple  called the Po Nagar Cham Towers which is by the Cai River near Nha Trang. This information was from Lon Holmberg several years ago, he had stumbled across it while on a return visit in the 90s.

Later this month, there will be a New Hampshire State ceremony to give SGT Moreau's grandsons the medals their father earned in Vietnam. They are also looking for any stories and pictures of their Dad. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Please contact Keith Moreau:


The photos above were taken by a photo journalist when she was in Vietnam.
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