Mayo A. "Biff" Hadden III

Mayo A. “Biff” Hadden III, is a retired Army Colonel, who was originally from Holland, Michigan. He was born March 1943, in Norfolk, VA. His father was a career Naval Officer, retiring as a Rear Admiral. COL Hadden enlisted in the Army March 7, 1962. He retired from the Army after serving almost 31 years in the Infantry and Special Forces, January 31, 1993. In October 1993 he joined the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

In March 1962, when COL (Ret) Hadden enlisted in the Regular Army, he was processed through the Reception Station at Fort Jackson, SC, then was shipped to Fort Gordon, GA, where he completed Basic Combat Training (C-5-2) then Advanced Individual Training in the Infantry (D-7-3). He then went to Fort Benning to complete Basic Airborne Training. He was then shipped to Germany where he served as an Infantryman in Company B, 1st Battalion, 1st Airborne Battle Group, then Company B, 1st Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment (Airborne/Mechanized), 8th Infantry Division. In the fall of 1963 he returned to Fort Belvoir where he attended the USMA Preparatory School for 10 months. He then went to Fort Benning where he completed Officer Candidate School, with the 51st Company, receiving a commission December 2, 1964.

After receiving his commission he completed the Ranger Course, earning the Ranger Tab. His next assignments were as a Company Operations Officer, then as Executive Officer in three companies at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

Late September 1966 he reported to Fort Bragg, and completed the Special Forces Officer Course. He reported to Vietnam in late December 1966, and his assignment was with Detachment B-52 (Project Delta), 5th SFG (Abn). He spent the first four months assigned to Recon, the next four months assigned as an Advisor to the RVN Airborne  Ranger  Battalion, and  the  last  four months as the Assistant S-3 Air and the S-5.

He returned in late December 1967, reporting into Fort Lewis, WA, early January 1968. He served as the S-3, 1st Battalion, 2nd BCT Training Brigade. After three months he took command of Company D, where he held command for 14 months. During the summer of 1968 he spent 2 ½ months attached to the 19th Special Forces Group as the Deputy Senior Evaluator of a special SF Group evaluation. He then traveled to Eglin Air Force Base where he completed the USAF Air Combat Operations Course. His next assignment was in Vietnam, early June 1969, where he served again with Detachment B-52 (Project Delta), 5th SFG (Abn), this time as the S-3 for a year, departing for Fort Benning, Georgia, late May 1970. At Fort Benning he attended the Infantry Officer Advanced Course, completing in May 1971. He then was assigned to the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he graduated in August 1972, with a BA in Political Science.

His next assignment was Fort Jackson, SC, where he held several positions, starting in October 1972. The first position was Assistant S-3, then Chief Weapons Committee, Instructor Group, 3rd AIT Brigade. This was followed by an assignment as Action Officer, Directorate of Plans and Training. During his last year at Fort Jackson he served as Assistant SGS and Protocol Officer, departing the installation June 1976. His next assignment was in Keflavik, Iceland. He served as the Chief Training, and Plans, J-3, Iceland Defense Force and Island Command Iceland (NATO). In this position his additional responsibility pertained to monitoring live Soviet Aircraft intercepts, and monitoring Soviet Submarine deployments in the North Atlantic region. This position required extensive travel through Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. Following this two year tour, he was assigned as the Deputy Professor of Military Science, Hardin-Simmons University (HSU), Abilene, Texas. During the next three years he also completed a Masters in Business Administration, in 1981, from Hardin-Simmons. During this assignment he completed the Army Command and General Staff College.

In September 1981, he was assigned to XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was assigned as Chief of the Training Division, G-3, and Assistant Operations Officer. During this period he worked with 5th SFGA to conduct two special 3 week airborne classes, at Fort Bragg, for 250 students each summer, 1982 and 1983. During this period he was selected to serve as one member of four different five member teams that were directed by Secretary of Defense, to evaluate SFOD (Delta). In late 1983 he was deployed to Grenada as the J-3, Director of Operations and Plans, in support of Operations Urgent Fury. He returned late December 1983, and in January became Headquarters Commandant, and Commander, Headquarters and Special Troops Battalion (Provisional). He deployed elements of the XVIII Airborne Corps to Honduras, Egypt, California, Florida, and other locations over the next 20 months. During this assignment he also completed the USAF War College through their program at Pope AF Base.

In September 1985, he was assigned as Professor of Military Science, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio. As this PMS he commanded a fourteen person detachment. He was promoted to Colonel, fall 1987, and assigned as Commander, 4th Brigade, 2nd ROTC Region, commanding the 19 University programs in Michigan and Tennessee and was also responsible for 70 High School JROTC programs. During this three year period he also completed and graduated from the U.S. Army War College.

Enroute to Fort Benning, the Army re-branched COL Hadden to specialty code 18, Special Forces. His last assignment was Inspector General for the US Army Infantry Center and School and Fort Benning. He served in this capacity until he retired in January 1993.

In October 1993, he joined the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce. He was the project officer for the largest Industrial Land Acquisition/Land Planning action ever undertaken by the community. He also supported Military Affairs, Environmental Issues, and Industrial recruitment and growth projects.

He graduated from the University of Oklahoma “Economic Development Institute”, 3 year program in 1988. In July 2001, he completed all of the course requirements and received the Certification as Economic Development Finance Professional, from the National Development Council. Since 1995 he has served on the Georgia Governors Military Affairs Coordinating Committee, and in August 1998, he was nominated by the CG USAIC Fort Benning and selected by the Chief of Staff, Army, to serve a four year term on the Chief of Staff Army, Pentagon, Retiree Council. This resulted in an annual recall to active duty for one week each year for this service.

COL Hadden is serving as Chapter Commander, Columbus Chapter, Military Order of World Wars, 2004-and is also serving as Senior Vice Commander for the Georgia Department, MOWW, 2004-2006. He is also a life member of the US Army Ranger Association, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the Special Operations Association.