281st Assualt Helicopter Co. (Intruders) Audio Clips

Excerpts from a recording made by Wolf Pack 35, on 28-29 March 1968, during Operation Samurai IV in I Corps, and provided by Steve Matthews, 281st AHC. This operation took place on and around HWY 547, which Delta Recon had discovered earlier, and resulted in friendly losses of 19 KIA, 90 WIA, and 1 MIA. It was in that valley that more than seven aircraft were lost due to ground fire, and Jackson and Link were KIA. Link was later awarded the DSC. WO Donald McCoig of the 281st was also KIA and awarded the DSC. And it was in that valley that Sam Zumbrum (later KIA while flying covey at CCC), Conaway, Kreilick, Ku, Humphus, Thompson, Merriman, Morris, and Salzwedal were wounded. Jim Morris wrote about the operation in his book, "War Story".

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