Gene Tucker Photo Collection (1966)

I was not a member of Project Delta but was trained by Delta in 1966 as a 25th Infantry Division LRRP. The guys training us were in between missions so they were busy. My training at Delta I know saved my life a few times and my team all got out without anyone being killed. The guys there were great. I met Walt Shumate and Bo Baker there.  - Gene Tucker

I am the second on the left. This is Delta Compound just before the last part of our training. They called it "you bet your life".


The tents we lived in while training at B-52 and our sign made by the staff. Bo Baker made Major while we were there. Donald Landrum was our team advisor during the training.

One of our guys about to go down the tower. We sent Irvin K. Hermann to the first Recondo class and he was the number one graduate. He later joined Delta as cadre.

Capt Mark Ponzillo a SF officer now LTC retired. He was our commander, enroute to 5th Grp and sent to the 25th Division to set up the LRRP.

Capt Mark Ponzillo Commander 25th Infantry Division LRRP on the left facing camera. Irvin K. Hermann number one Recondo graduate on the right facing camera. 1st Lt. Gerald Traxler XO of the 25th Infantry Division LRRP with Back to camera.

My team in August 1966. L to R: Gene Tucker, Nathaniel Perry, Jerry Spicer, Chuck White, and Hugh Howerton. Delta gave us nearly every piece of equipment including those seen here. We were grateful and could never thank you folks enough.


All photos Copyright 2005 Eugene G. Tucker

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